About Us

We are a rapidly growing group of citizens who are genuinely interested in—even passionate about—keeping backyard chickens.  We believe that within reasonable parameters, this would provide educational opportunities and nutrition. Urban chickens would put Edmond on a level playing field with nearby communities where backyard chickens are permitted.  Numerous peer cities far more metropolitan than ours have adopted this policy and have seen fantastic benefits.

None of us are interested in large-scale production of meat or eggs. We view these birds as pets as one would a dog or cat.  We know from experience that chickens are cleaner, quieter and require less attention from the city than currently accepted pets, such as dogs.

Our group hopes to educate others and dispel commonly accepted fallacies about these birds as well as promote a healthy way of living.  Please join us by signing the petition and joining our group on Facebook.

Unsure about urban chickens in your town?

Chicken Facts To Consider

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