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Edmond City Council Legalizes Backyard Hens

EDMOND, OK, Monday, March 27th, 2017 – Edmond City Council voted unanimously to legalize backyard hens within the city limits of Edmond. The ordinance allows owners of residential lots 30,000 square feet or greater to own backyard hens. No roosters are allowed. Residents interested in applying for a permit to own backyard hens may contact the Edmond City Clerk’s office after April 26th, 2017. The community cause Edmond Urban Chickens has been working with the Edmond City Council for over a year to create a new law to allow backyard hens. The group gathered 828 signatures on their petition to change the Edmond city ordinance to allow backyard hens. Edmond Urban Chickens plans to hold educational seminars for new chicken owners, and backyard coop tours. Interested parties can contact Edmond Urban Chickens at or on Facebook at

“We are thrilled with the Edmond City Council’s decision to allow this backyard hen ordinance. It’s a big win for our group members,” explained Lainee Copeland, co-founder of Edmond Urban Chickens. “We are aware this city ordinance does not cover 90% of our members’ needs, because they live on lots smaller than 30,000 square feet. But it is a good start. And it is great that the City Council acknowledges the large number of citizens who are serious about keeping backyard hens.”

Edmond Urban Chickens membership has grown to over 800 members in the last year. The group’s focus is firmly set on educating Edmond residents on healthy, sustainable living through backyard hen keeping. Educational seminars and coop tours will focus on the basics of hen keeping, cleanliness, health and safety issues.

“Our group members are fantastic, educated, mindful citizens of all ages and socioeconomic levels,” says Heidi Wright. “We are excited to step out of the shadows and educate the public about the benefits of backyard hen keeping.”

The upcoming seminars and coop tours will be in May 2017 with information available at Edmond Urban Chickens expects to announce more upcoming events throughout 2017 and beyond.

About Edmond Urban Chickens

Edmond Urban Chickens is rapidly growing group of citizens who are genuinely passionate about keeping backyard chickens. We believe that within reasonable parameters, chickens provide educational opportunities and nutrition for families in Edmond. Edmond Urban Chickens believes urban hens would put Edmond on a level playing field with nearby communities where backyard chickens are permitted. Numerous peer cities far more metropolitan than Edmond have adopted this policy and have seen fantastic benefits.

Members of Edmond Urban Chickens are not interested in large-scale production of meat or eggs. They view the birds as pets, as one would a dog or cat. Edmond Urban Chickens presented to the Edmond City Council that backyard hens are cleaner, quieter and require less attention from the city than currently accepted pets, such as dogs.

The Edmond Urban Chicken group hopes to educate others and dispel commonly accepted fallacies about these birds as well as promote a healthy way of living.


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